Significant increase in NPS

The events marketing company Tapaus is growing rapidly in both Finland and internationally.  Tapaus receives great feedback from its customers, but the ambitious management wanted to raise the bar even higher. A clear framework was needed for the customer experience in order to secure growth management, quality and reproducibility. 

The goal was to make the customer experience an integral part of the company’s strategy and improve its competitive edge. Flock’s task was to help clarify the big picture, create a service promise and service identity, and concretise the touchpoints along the customer’s journey. The outcome was a customer experience culture handbook that explains in understandable and straightforward terms what is expected of every Tapaus employee when engaging with customers.

The project was completed together in three months, after which time the concept was launched to the entire personnel. As a result, NPS has increased from 63 to 83 in about half a year. Incredible job from team Tapaus!

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“We got what we asked for and much more. It was very important to crystallise and clarify what is already in our DNA. Now every Tapaus employee shares the same customer experience fundamentals, which places us in a good position to seek new growth and momentum together.”
Timo Aalto

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